Coastal Source Pile Caps

Our pile cap lights provide elegant ambiance with the added benefit of state-of-the-art durability. With fiberglass construction and an Awlgrip™ finish—a yacht-industry standard—these items defy corrosive assaults while offering premium quality. Choice of colors includes any available Awlgrip™ color, or you can opt for a real copper or verdigris if you prefer the aged copper look.

True to Coastal Source design standards, these beautiful fixtures range in size from 7 to 15 inches and are available in a variety of custom colors and materials to enhance the appearance of your waterside landscape.

Available Finishes:


Coastal Source Fish Attracting Light

This light creates an underwater oasis right beneath your feet by attracting a vast array of nighttime marine life to your dock. The soft glow of the Coastal Source Underwater Fish Attracting Light will turn your dock into a place of beauty and drama, evoking an utterly enchanting atmosphere while also adding enhanced safety for those on the waterfront as well as those on watercraft.

The Coastal Source Underwater Fish Attracting Light is designed for use in 3 to 20 feet of water and offers a variety of features and options that make it a must-have for waterfront living enthusiasts:

Exceptional Coastal Quality Construction

  • Marine-grade tinned wire for long life
  • Protected, replaceable lamp
  • Low maintenance housing
  • Self-righting housing for easy installation
  • Adequately weighted to resist currents
  • 150-watt high intensity discharge lamp that emits heat (which inhibits barnacle and algae growth) and casts brilliant illumination
  • Optional photocell feature for automated operation
  • Custom cable length

And as you’ve come to expect from Coastal Source products, the Underwater Fish Attracting Light is designed and tested to withstand harsh saltwater environments, prop wash and wave action.

The Coastal Source Underwater Fish Attracting Light comes in three intoxicating colors: white, blue and green. Ask your Coastal Source representative for advice on which color(s) or color combination would be best for you.

Order your Coastal Source Underwater Fish Attracting Light for an evening waterfront experience certain to be… Simply Stunning.